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Osnat Yehuda


My name is Osnat Yehuda. I was born in Jerusalem in 1965, and now I live nearby in Moshav Ora. I am married and the mother of four children.
After graduation from the David Yellin Technical Arts Seminar (Jerusalem, 1987-1989) and receiving a Master’s degree at Lesley College (Boston, USA, 1995-1997), I worked as an art teacher at Beit Hakerem (1990-2008).

In 2005, I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis, an awful disease that severely affected my skin, joints, and digestive and respiratory systems. My fingers were damaged very quickly by the illness and I became weak and tired. I had many difficulties, including pain, stiffness and limitation in hand and finger movement, breathlessness and fatigue. My fingers are painful and numb due to frequent Raynaud’s attacks and I have many episodes of painful and infected digital ulcers. I retired early, in 2008, because of my illness.

I have been engaged in art for my entire life, and even more deeply since my retirement. I have always studied and experimented with a variety of creative, drawing and painting techniques. Despite the disease progression, I have continued to perform my art activities with painting, sculpture, and pottery work.

I’m fighting to preserve my ability to paint and engage in art, to continue learning and experimenting with new techniques and approaches. Art has become my major occupation and is my main tool for expression of my life with scleroderma and despite the scleroderma. Art gives me strength that I did not know I had, art drives me to get up in the morning despite pain and limitations, art gives me a strong desire to continue painting. This is what I do despite the illness and, maybe, because of the illness. I guess the disease tempered me.

My family, my children and my art are the most important issues for me,

giving me the strength not to give up, to desire and to create.

I really enjoy my art, and try very hard to continue and

to express my vision of life and my life with my disease.

Osnat Yehuda
Moshav Ora; + 972-504090622;