We are happy to launch travel bursaries for EUSTAR fellows to ↗️ research on systemic sclerosis, stimulate involvement of young investigators and improve the collaboration between centers.
🔜 Please go on and submit your application before June 12th, 2019!
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Prof. Vanessa Smith’s talk at #eustarcourse2019 on: “ Assessing nailfold capillary abnormalities” @EUSTAR_org @Worldsclerofnd Worldsclerofnd photo

Prof.Maurizio Cutolo’s talk at #eustarcourse2019 on: “ the significance of nail fold capillaroscopy in SSc @EUSTAR_org @Worldsclerofnd Worldsclerofnd photo

#eustarcourse2019 workshops
Prof. Francesco del Galdo clinical case presentation on a patient with #SSc and #DU @delgaldoFrances @EUSTAR_org @Worldsclerofnd
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